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Chipotle app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 1552 ratings )
Lifestyle Food & Drink
Developer: Chipotle Mexican Grill
Current version: 5.3.0, last update: 6 months ago
First release : 24 Aug 2009
App size: 105.13 Mb

Resolve the age-old question of “what should I eat?” with Chipotle. We’ve made it easier than ever to order and pay, so you can go from craving to enjoying food that’s made with real ingredients faster than ever. With a quick swipe, you can customize your burrito, bowl, salad, or tacos to perfection. Then go straight to the register at the time and location you choose, skipping the line like a boss.

Apple Pay
- Paying is even easier now with integrated Apple Pay.

Guest Checkout
- Food now, account later.

Reorder Recent meals

- Relive the glory of the past - order your favorites and recent meals with just a tap.

Add Promotions & Offers

- Add both olde tyme paper and digital offers to the app. We’ll hook you up at checkout.


- Store a gift card and up to two credit cards, making checkout quick and painless.

Chipotle is scientifically proven to help you feel less hungry after you’ve eaten with us (at least that’s what we’ve heard).

Pros and cons of Chipotle app for iPhone and iPad

Chipotle app good for

And it includes the Canadian location too meaning I can stop standing in line for 30 seconds there before ordering my food!!
I wish more fast food places offered this type of app. The menu & ordering instructions are clear and easy to use. The food is ready when you arrive, and you receive an emailed receipt. What could be easier?
App is so well done! Love that it syncs with online account! Easy to use, simple and great looking UI. Very impressed!
With my online order being 20 minutes late, the manager was very nice. The food was on the house and I also received a coupon for my next order. I am very pleased with the management.
The first time I used the app for ordering when I arrived to pick up my order it was not ready. I was told by the store personnel that it was standard to not make the order until the person I arrived. I left without food because I could not wait. Contacted customer care and they assured me this is not correct. Have used the app since for ordering and my orders were ready and correct. I really enjoy using the app and skipping the normal long lines to pick up my food.
Thanks for adding TouchID finally--love not having to put in my password. Good job!!! Wish it had Apple Pay for my order to go smoother/safer and faster! Wish it had 3D Touch to quickly get to my order or some other similar quick function. Capability to add multiple gift cards. Wish I could also put my gift cards into Wallet app (formerly Passbook). *****Ability to pay with gift cards at register in store right from app (maybe NFC). Thanks!

Some bad moments

Order was 5 minutes late (on top of the 20 minutes already scheduled). People who didnt use the app and ordered in store got faster service. Vancouver March 25, 2013.
App never works or connects to the server. Absolutely useless app. Chipotle I love you but fix your app!
The app doesnt appear to process your payment in real time. Twice it has failed on me (apparently it doesnt like Visa Debit, either) and I dont find out until I go to pick up my order.
This app is worthless. The only time you get a reasonable pick up time is when the store is empty… In which case you might as well just stand in the "line." And half the time I get there and they havent even started making the order. But God forbid the store has other online orders... Because then your pick up time is 45 minutes or more. I dont know about you but Ive never been at a Chipotle where even the longest line takes 45 minutes. So- worthless.
The app wont even let me create an account because it wont except my password, even though Im following all the password requirements completely. And theres no "help" or "contact us with questions" section, so youre just SOL. Dumb app.
When you order via an app, you expect to arrive and have your food waiting for you. You also expect that the team is not going to ask you if you booked at the right store (I did). If you still have to wait as long for your food as you would if you stood in the eternally long line.

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