Chipotle App Reviews

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Canadian location(s)!

The fact that it locates the Canadian location and allows you to order makes me happy.

Great App!

And it includes the Canadian location too meaning I can stop standing in line for 30 seconds there before ordering my food!!

Great app!

Great app... Thank you!

Works like a charm!

I wish more fast food places offered this type of app. The menu & ordering instructions are clear and easy to use. The food is ready when you arrive, and you receive an emailed receipt. What could be easier?

This app is perfect and Chipotle is delicious!

App is so well done! Love that it syncs with online account! Easy to use, simple and great looking UI. Very impressed!


The only app Ive given more than 1 star that doesnt support iPhone 5.

Faster to order in store

Order was 5 minutes late (on top of the 20 minutes already scheduled). People who didnt use the app and ordered in store got faster service. Vancouver March 25, 2013.

It works

Title says it all.

Signing in every time is irritating

I love the restaurant and that they have this app. I would have given 4 stars if every time I used it I didnt have to sign in again. I hate having to look up my password. Few apps do this. There should be an option to keep me signed in. I have a password on the phone for a reason. Also, I cant figure out how to make an order a favourite, so that kind of interface issue keeps it from being 5 stars even if they fix the sign in requirement.

Nice idea but pointless execution

I temporarily gave 3 stars because conceptually these types of order-ahead apps are nice. In practice, you end up waiting far longer than just ordering in person, which has always been quite quick. Also, the app asked for my credit card info, yet when I got into the store, I apparently still had to pay. At best that was a shady personal info grab. At worst, they just charged me twice, in which case this review goes to zero stars.

Cannot Paste Password

Pasting of passwords to login doesn’t work.

Never works

App never works or connects to the server. Absolutely useless app. Chipotle I love you but fix your app!

Payment issues

The app doesnt appear to process your payment in real time. Twice it has failed on me (apparently it doesnt like Visa Debit, either) and I dont find out until I go to pick up my order.

Worthless app

This app is worthless. The only time you get a reasonable pick up time is when the store is empty… In which case you might as well just stand in the "line." And half the time I get there and they havent even started making the order. But God forbid the store has other online orders... Because then your pick up time is 45 minutes or more. I dont know about you but Ive never been at a Chipotle where even the longest line takes 45 minutes. So- worthless.

I cant even create an account!

The app wont even let me create an account because it wont except my password, even though Im following all the password requirements completely. And theres no "help" or "contact us with questions" section, so youre just SOL. Dumb app.

Defeats the Purpose

When you order via an app, you expect to arrive and have your food waiting for you. You also expect that the team is not going to ask you if you booked at the right store (I did). If you still have to wait as long for your food as you would if you stood in the eternally long line.

Waste of time

This app is the DUMBEST online order experience Ive ever had. Dont bother unless you want for food for the next hour. Ordered 3 bowls at 4:40 and then I paid and it said it would be ready at 5:45. You could easily go up there and It would be ready in 10 minutes. Its not like its delivery folks. This is the 3rd review I had to write because the username is taken and then they wipe your whole commentary clean. I will be second guessing coming back to chipotle.

Still no Chips

I really like Chipotle and really want to like this app as well. But I have consistently gotten home after picking up my order to find that it is either missing items (chips) or a completely different burrito than what I ordered. I mean how hard is it to read a piece of paper? Sadly the only way to get what I want is by waiting in the awfully long line so that the line cook doesnt add sour cream when I ask for none.

Ordering with app is useless

Tried to beat line and order time said 30 min from now. No thanks

Needs some work

The pickup time is a bit ridiculous. You cant pick both beans. These are my main two issues with the app.

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